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With multiple years of experience in smart technologies, we’ll bring our  knowledge and insight to provide the most complete solutions for your green and relaxation areas. 

Why Choose Us?

Intelligent equipment design

Intelligent equipment design & manufacture

Complete end2end integration and long term evolution.

Complete end2end integration and long term evolution.

Use of Sustainable Resources and Environmental Practices

Use of Sustainable Resources and Environmental Practices

Green areas quality issues

Green areas affected by climate change ? Fountains  polluted? Water and energy savings?

We can handle it!

Our Services We specialize in complete service packages, from research, design, and development.



Our award-winning team of engineers tackle each project with passionate and creativity.



Our implementation teams deliver results with precision and accuracy.



Trust our support team to work with you 1-on-1, each step of the way.

Client Testimonials

  • “Smart solutions are what help people live better, consume less time to solve their problems and even less money. We, the administration, help us find out their desires so we can answer them, we can discuss health and issues, then have smart solutions to spend less money.”

    Mircea Hava
  • The permanent concern of the administration for the quality of life includes, first and foremost, respect for people’s time. In a smart city, based on technology, citizens will save time. Time is one of the most precious resources in a world that is living at an ever-increasing speed. Let us reduce the costs for utilities, energy and water through the savings resulting from the use of sensors.

    Marius Bostan
    Ex. Minister of Technology

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